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Paralegal Profile: Cyndi Hitsman, ACP

Cyndi Hitsman, ACP is a Certified Paralegal/ESI Manager at the Herring Law Group where she specializes in Electronic Discovery; Family Law; Litigation and Trial Preparation and Assistance.

She took the California Proficiency Exam in high school to graduate early. Following graduation she attended junior college classes. She started working in a law firm at 17I

Cyndi has been a Certified Paralegal since 2001 and an Advanced Certified Paralegal in Discovery since 2005.


Why did you choose a paralegal career? Actually, I don’t think I did! It is more like the paralegal career chose me. My first legal job was filling in for a friend, a solo practitioner, when his office assistant went on vacation. I have worked in law offices in various capacities ever since.

What is your favorite part of your job? Finding needles in haystacks! I love reviewing and managing large document cases. The feeling of being able to find a random email or document pertaining to a specific issue out of thousands or millions of pages of documents is awesome!

What professional associations do you belong to?

  • Ventura County Paralegal Association (former President, Treasurer, NALA Liaison);
  • Santa Barbara Paralegal Association (current President, former Treasurer, NALA Liaison);
  • California Alliance of Paralegal Associations; and
  • Former member of National Association of Legal Assistants

How has your membership benefited you? I have formed life-long friendships with other paralegals who understand the “paralegal life.”

What has been the highlight of your career? Trials. I love the feel of being at trial – the all-encompassing game of litigation. One day we’re up, another down – the twists and turns of the process and advocating for our clients and the relief and appreciation by the clients for a favorable result! Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Linda Odermott RP®

Linda Odermott RP® is a senior paralegal at Dunn Carney Allen Higgins Tongue LLP in Portland, Oregon where she specializes in Real Property, Land Use, Public Meetings and Public Records. Linda  earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice from Portland State University; Associate’s Degree from Everest College in Paralegal Studies, and Associate’s Degree from… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Melanie Hicks, CP

Melanie Hicks, CP, is the Owner/Certified Paralegal  at Paralegal Solutions, LLC where she specializes in Real Estate and Criminal Law. She has an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies and earned her NALA Certification in May 2010. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why did you choose a paralegal career?  I always wanted to work in the legal field.  I do… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Nicole Martinez

Nicole Martinez is a Paralegal with a Trusts and Estates firm in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned an Associates degree in Paralegal Studies from National Paralegal College. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why did you to choose a paralegal career? I started working as a receptionist for a very busy sole practitioner.  I enjoyed the work and decided that I… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Belline Manopla

Belline Manopla graduated in May 2016 from New York City College of Technology, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Legal Studies (Summa Cum Laude).  She began working as a paralegal that same week at a firm specializing in employment and family based immigration. Belline was the winner of the 2015 New York City Paralegal Association’s… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Kimberly Grabbe, ACP, FRP

Kimberly Grabbe, ACP, FRP, is a Senior Paralegal (Vaccine Injury Litigation) with Maglio, Christopher & Toale, PA. She is a 2008 Honors graduate of Hodges University with an Associate in Science degree in Paralegal Studies. She is a NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) Product Liability and a Florida Registered Paralegal. She is also a graduate… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Robin E. Rosenthal, PP-SC

Robin E. Rosenthal, PP-SC, specializes in medical malpractice defense at Christie & Young PC, a medium sized law firm in Center City Philadelphia. In previous employment she has worked in the areas of insurance defense, premises liability, personal injury and family law She graduated from the Martin School of Business  and has taken some classes… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Angela Wilson

Angela Wilson is a paralegal with Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., in Irving, Texas. She has a Bachelor’s degree (English major, history minor) from the University of Texas Arlington and a Paralegal Certificate from Heald Business College, San Francisco, CA. Angela also tutors Criminal Justice at UT Arlington. ————————————————— What prompted you to choose a paralegal… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Ronell Badua

Ronell Badua is a paralegal employed by the Department of the Corporation Counsel, City and County of Honolulu where he specializes in Civil Litigation – Environmental, Transportation.  He is active in the Hawaii Paralegal Association and recently received the HPA’s 2015 Career Achievement Award Ron has an Associates Degree – Paralegal Studies from Kapi`olani Community… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Sami Hartsfield, ACP

Paralegal Profile: Sami Hartsfield, ACP

Sami Hartsfield, ACP is a freelance paralegal and writer from Houston. She blogs at Legally Blog which you really should check out…it’s a wonderful resource. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1.    What prompted you to choose a paralegal career?   I took a legal secretary course when I decided to go back to school around 2004. I enjoyed it so much,… Continue Reading