Thank you for investing in Turn Your Time into a Billable Hour Gold Mine.

The presentation takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, February 6th, at 1pm Eastern Time. That’s noon Central Time; 11am Mountain Time; and 10am Pacific.

The webinar will begin right on time so please sign on a few minutes early. AND to verify you’ve attended for Certificate of Attendance purposes, please provide your name when you join the call (through the question box if you’re attending via computer only). Thanks!

To download the handout for this course, follow this link: Voisin_Billable Hours Handout_2.6.13

There is also a 3-page exhibit to the handout that you have to download. Follow this link to do that:  Voisin_Billable Hours Exhibits to Handouts 2.6.13

The link to the lecture and slides is:

In addition to viewing the lecture at the foregoing link, you can also attend by phone:

Dial (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 441489#

Note: The advantage to also being on the phone is that you can ask verbal questions. If you are only on the computer, you will be able to submit written questions.

Note:  if you are on the phone, turn off your computer speakers to eliminate the echo.

Should you have any questions or issues with the download, either email or call her at
231-547-6284 up to 30 minutes prior to the presentation.