Paralegal Career Opportunities in Litigation Support

Paralegal Career Opportunities in Litigation Support

On The Paralegal Voice
co-hostVicki Voisin welcome’s guests Ann L. Atkinson, ACP, NALAPresident, Michael Potters,CEO/Managing Partner of Glenmont Group, Inc.and Patrick Oot, co-founder of the Electronic Discovery Institute for a lively discussion about career opportunities for paralegals in the area of litigation support, particularly eDiscovery and technology.

There was a lot of important information shared during this episode, including:
  • The growing need for paralegals with advanced technology skills;

  • The technology skills employers are looking for;

  • How paralegals can acquire those skills;

  • How NALA provides technology information and training;

  • Paralegal employment opportunities in corporations and law firms;

  • How paralegals who do not want to leave their current employment can advance their technology skills;

  • Websites and resources for learning more about technology.

  • The Number One site that recruiters and employers turn to when seeking new employees.

  • And more!

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