Dear Paralegal Mentor…Re: Resume Examples

Dear Paralegal Mentor…Re: Resume Examples

Question from a Paralegal Strategies reader:

Hi Vicki: Is there a place through the Paralegal Mentor where I can find examples of e
sumes for beginning paralegals with some experience? Thank you. Anonymous Paralegal

Here’s my answer:

Hi, Anonymous Paralegal…Thanks for Getting in touch. A Blueprint for Your Job Search is a course that would be very helpful and is under $30. It has several sample resumes, covers both mailed and electronically submitted resumes, has recommended formats for cover letters and thank you notes, and provides tips for interviews. You’ll be especially interested in learning about the “F” zone on a resume and what to be sure you put there.
Also the book I co-wrote with Charlsye Smith-Diaz, PHD, The Professional Paralegal: A Guide to Finding a Job and Career Success has extensive resume/interview info but is more expensive and more extensive as it provides information for you to use from your internship throughout your career. It is available at
Let me know if I can answer other questions. Vicki

Whether you’re writing your first resume — or updating an existing one — both of these resources would be a great investment…and make the project much easier!