Recently, I had the opportunity to do a live demo of Redact-It, a redacting software for removing private and secret information.

In my line of work, protecting client privacy is paramount. Allowing any proprietary or confidential information to be viewed or obtained by any unauthorized person or entity can have significant consequences for your client. In addition, you, as the legal representative, will very likely have face scrutiny for your failure to protect critical information.

Redact-It allows the user to not only conceal specific data but, in effect, the data is completely extracted from the document. This feature alone makes Redact-It a very practical and effective tool for protecting your client’s confidentiality. Although I haven’t used the software yet, the demonstration proved its user interface to be very functional.

If you’re ever asked by a judge to produce what ever information was redacted from a document, Redact-It enables you to keep a separate log of the modifications you’ve made. Again, a very nice feature of this software.

You can and should download a trial version of Redact-It. Be aware that Redact-It is a proprietary software and requires licensing from IGCsoftware. I really like its Functionality and think you will too!