Why you need business cards and a prof picture

Why Have A Business Card, I Don’t Have A Job?

I have come back from attending NCPA’s Annual Seminar this past weekend where I met a lot of new faces. Quite a few of those faces were looking for jobs. When I asked them, do you have a business card with your contact information on it, most said no. If you are looking to network in the hopes of getting a job, you need something to give people so they can contact you.

A great site for 250 FREE business cards is www.vistaprint.com.   (You do pay about $5.00 for shipping.) Keep your card simple, white or light beige if possible. Put only your name, address, phone and email on there. Do not put any fancy pictures or slogans on it, those take away from the relevant information on the card. When you hand someone your card, on the back, you can hand write what areas of the law you want to go into. For me, I always ask this when someone hands me their card and I write it on the back of their card. Then, when I hear about job openings, I can look through them and send an email as appropriate.