Something new from the NALS Foundation – Tips & Tricks

Something new from the NALS Foundation – Tips & Tricks

As you may have noticed, the NALS Foundation is working on something new. Each day a tip or trick is being posted to Facebook and Twitter. These are just general posts that can range anywhere from software tips and tricks to Foundation information; to leadership quotes to ‘for your information’ posts. If you have a Twitter account, please follow us at @NALSFoundation or you can ‘like’ the NALS Foundation on Facebook. We will also be posting information of circle donations, grants, and conferences. If you missed the tips and tricks for this week, here they are:

Tuesday, March 22: In Excel, AutoFill is a quick way to fill in a sequence of data listed in succession (i.e., January, February; Monday, Tuesday).

Wednesday, March 23: Create auto text entries in Word for Judges and/or other professionals that you need addresses for on a regular basis, i.e., for letters and mailing certificates. Simply type out the address as you want it to appear, highlight the entire address block, go to “Insert,” “Auto Text,” and choose “New.” Word will then ask you to name your auto text entry. I suggest naming the auto text entry the last name of the person and/or the name of the Courthouse. Then when you need that person’s address, you simply start typing his/her last name and a box will appear with the auto text entry. You hit enter and the address block is inserted in your document.

Thursday, March 24: Great leaders acknowledge the importance of others and ask their opinions.

Friday, March 25: Don’t fall for the fake anti-virus scams going around! If you get a message saying, “Your computer is infected – click here to fix.” DON’T!!!