Law Firm Misses Marketing Opportunity

There was news in my Google Reader this morning of the merger of two firms in Pennsylvania. It was a terrific article…well written with lots of good information. The problem? The information is all about the attorneys. They neglected to utilize their staff in the marketing message.

Here’s the only mention of staff:

In addition to Mayerson and Dolan, the firm includes Margaret Connors, an attorney who will be joining Dolan & Mayerson after more than 25 years with Mayerson Law PC. Also joining the firm will be two paralegals who have been with Mayerson Law PC for over 25 years, and Dolan’s staff of a paralegal and office manager.

The attorneys are named…but none of the staff…even though it includes two paralegals with over 25 years of experience. Don’t miss this marketing opportunity!

Marketing is crucial to law firm success. Knowing this, firms utilize multiple media resources, from print to television to billboards, and most have well-designed, costly web sites. They spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually on these marketing efforts.

These same firms may be overlooking important low-cost, even no-cost, marketing resources sitting at a desk down the hall: paralegals.

While paralegals cannot solicit clients for the firm, they can and do attract clients when they interact with people within the community and across the country. They participate in community events, know community and political leaders, and have a myriad of friends and relatives. Each of these connections will most likely need legal services at some point.

How can paralegals be incorporated into the marketing plan? Here are a few practices to put in place immediately to meet the firm’s goal of increasing its public exposure and growing its business.

Web site. Include the paralegal’s name, bio and picture on the firm’s website. People who visit the firm’s web site are interested in all employees, not just the attorneys.  

With the public’s growing awareness of the abilities of paralegals and the important role they play in their cases, it is time for firms to go beyond viewing the value of paralegals only in terms of dollars and billable hours. Firms should also consider their significance in the firm’s marketing plan and utilize them in this capacity as soon as possible. There is no need to miss this important, valuable marketing opportunity.