Vicki’s Vocabulary: Today’s Word is ‘Imputed’

Black’s Law Dictionary has been a constant throughout my paralegal career…always on my bookshelf and frequently used.

Today’s Vicki’s Vocabulary Lesson features the word ‘Imputed’.

Imputed. As used in legal phrases, this word means attributed vicariously; that is, an act, fact or quality is said to be ‘imputed’ to a person when it is ascribed or charged to him, not because he is personally cognizant of it or responsible for it, but another person is, over whom he has control or for whose acts or knowledge he is responsible.

Other related phrases:

Imputed cost.

Imputed income.

Imputed interest.

Imputed knowledge. This phrase is sometimes used as equivalent to ‘implied notice” ie., knowledge attributed or charged to a person because the facts in question were open to his discovery and it was his duty to inform himself as to them. In law of agendy, notice of facts brought to the attention of an agent within the scope of his authority or employment is chargeable to his principal in most cases.

Imputed negligence.

Imputed notice.