No time to eat? That’s a problem…..

Today’s message from features ideas for what to eat when you’re short of time. Since I’ve never missed a meal in my life, regardless of the amount of time I have, this article caught my attention.

The time crunch usually hits paralegals and other staff over the lunch hour. There’s so much to accomplish in a day in a law office and there are always deadlines. It’s difficult to get a full hour for a full meal. Besides, that full meal outside the office can be expensive.

Corporette offers some low cost solutions:

……sometimes just finding the time to eat can be very difficult — just getting downstairs to the deli to grab something and go can be taxing, not to mention unrewarding after realizing you’ve paid $10 for a sandwich that wasn’t fresh or healthy and spent 30 minutes of your time between elevator rides and cashier’s lines.

That’s why we’ve been a big fan of bringing food to the office. If you’re trapped at your desk, it’s easier to rationalize a 5-minute break to eat the food you’ve already brought. It’s also easier to lock yourself into a healthy choice — the all-too-often thought of “well, I’ll just treat myself because I’m so busy” never ends well — and it’s ultimately better for the budget as well.