Three Common Mistakes That Cause Disorganization

Let’s go over three of the most common blocks to time organization with some tips on how to avoid these mistakes.
1. You rely on your memory. You may have a terrific memory but how is your recall? Writing things down helps you focus, regardless of your learning style. Making a list or writing notes helps reinforce your memory and your recall.

Always have a pad to write on

Flash cards when you’re memorizing.

Highlighting is not the same as writing it down. If you simply highlight,you’ll be able to find the material, but you may not remember it.

2. You believe you work best when you’re running up against a deadline. If you use this as an excuse to delay working on a project, you are…… This causes stress and you are rushed and error prone. You may be endangering your health and your job. Instead, determine the deadline and work backwards. Make small deadlines. Work a little bit at a time.
3. You try to do several things at the same time. Multitasking causes your brain to work harder but not better. Multitasking decreases your efficiency. Background music or other distractions decrease efficiency. You can’t focus.