Virtual Attorney Profile: Stephanie L. Kimbro…Legal Services Innovator and Bibliphile

Stephanie Kimbro

Company Name: Kimbro Legal Services, LLC ( and Virtual Law Office Technology (VLOTech) (

Licensed to Practice in: North Carolina

Specialty Areas: Estate Planning, Small Business Law, other unbundled legal services online

Career Highlight: Winning the 2009 ABA Keane Award for Excellence in ELawyering

Practice Tip for Virtual Paralegals: When using mobile devices to work remotely, understand the security of those devices and the wireless connections you are using. For example, do not use free wifi when working online with confidential information.

Favorite Internet Resource: Cornell’s American Legal Ethics Library

Fun Fact: I’m a bibliophile. My husband and I collect old & rare books including a collection of French Théâtre Ouvert from the 60s. I also do book binding and book repair.

Do you Tweet? Yes.

Twitter handle: @StephKimbro

Favorite Quote: Currently, it’s from my 3 year old daughter: “Mom, I’m not loud; I’m exuberant.” It reminds me to find joy in life like a child does on a daily basis.