My Criteria for Following You on Twitter…It’s Not About The Numbers

Social networking is about relationships, not numbers. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 followers or 10,000…what matters is whether or not you are forming relationships with people you value and who offer information that interests you. If not matched to your interests, you’re just wasting your time.

Here what I consider when making the decision to follow someone on Twitter:

No. 1 Your Photo. I want to see your photo, not your children, not your dog or your cat, not a group of people. Just you. Now, your children and your dog and your cat may be the cutest things and your friends may look like a lot of fun, but I’m interested in you. So put up a picture and make it solo.

No. 2 Your Bio. You have exactly 160 characters to craft your bio. Be sure it tells me enough so I can get an ai I want to know about your hobbies…what you do outside work…anything that makes you an interesting person.

No. 3 Your Links. I’ll be checking the information you offer. Are you providing links to current news, interesting articles, Web sites and blogs?

No. 4 Your Up and Down Tweet Stream. I’ll also be looking at your stream of tweets. Are you connecting with other people or are you just talking about yourself. Are there @ messages…meaning that you are writing to other people. Are there RT’s…meaning that you’re copying and pasting messages posted by other people and giving them credit.