My Favorite Tools to Keep Me on Track

I was asked recently, “What is your favorite organizing tool?” The answer was easy! My timers…no typo here, that is PLURAL as I have several of these must-have products.

Timers_002My timers are everywhere: my home office, my bathroom, the kitchen, and even around my neck. I consider them to be my personal memory cache! They prevent me from burning the bread I have under the broiler. They tell me when the cake is done and remind me to take clothes out of the dryer when I want them in for just a short time.

I often set a timer for 15 minutes and delve into a project that I’ve been putting off. It’s easy to focus when you think, “It’s only 15 minutes.” Or I will use the timer to remind me that I’ve got to put down my needlework (something fun) and work on my next article or marketing project. It is not unusual for me to have more than one timer going at once.

My favorite (and also the most expensive) timer is the three-in-one clock/timer/stopwatch made by Polder. In addition to reminding me to move on or to check something, this timer also travels with me and doubles as a travel alarm. It gives me the time…and because the timer can be set up to ten hours, it makes a terrific, easy to set alarm clock. I know you are thinking that your cell phone is handy for this, but I find it simpler to decide how long I can sleep (five hours? six hours? thirty minutes?) and set the timer to go off when that amount of time has elapsed.

Speaking of my timers, one is going off right now, reminding me that the half hour I set aside to work on this post has been used up. When I set my timer again, I’ll write about one of my other favorite organizing tools. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if any of you use timers as much as I do?